Thursday, October 28, 2010

Unit 3 blog

Hi everyone,
        I've been an online student for 6 semesters at Kaplan University, it has it's ups and downs at times. I like that I can work at my own pace from day to day. My downsides to working online is I'm at the mercy of the Internet, there may be times when the Internet may go down for minutes, hours or days. At one point we lost our phone line due to weather bringing down trees onto the phone lines, making it impossible to do my work.   When I have my up and down Internet I would then loose my test that I was in the middle of taking.
        Most of the work posted is self explanatory, but at times it could mean one thing to me, but when I turned in my work, it comes back incorrect for my misunderstanding.
        For me I don't have time to do my school work and convert with classmates too. I go in do my classwork and then log off. I'm sure there are others that have a full plate and do all they can do just to keep up with school, home and work.

       I wish all of you luck at Kaplan,

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  1. Hi Tara - It can be a challenge to feel like you are connecting with another person -- what do you think might help with the feeling of community?