Thursday, November 25, 2010

Overall of of College comp II

      I like peer reviews because we all have a different aspect and outlook on things.  We all see thing things in black and white, but to use we could see color in different shades.  If we all had the exact and home, every home would be be decorated and furnished differently.  It's the same way with the way we think,  and talk and process things. 
      When I chose the topic of Cerebral Vascular Accidents it was due to my dad having one 9 years ago and then passing away from cancer suddenly.  I studied up on the subject after my dad came out of rehabilitation, I wanted to know if there was any new research being done that may help him regain any new straight that the rehab center may have not been up on.  I didn't come up with anything.  All we could do was tend to his care and keep is left side moving and get him up and walking on his strong left side.  My blogs that I received we uplifting and I was nice to know how much support there is out there is the virtual world, it was greatly appreciated. And my heart went out to the one's that had lost loved one's so close to their heart. I really do wish them the best. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

drafing of unit 6

Well I made it to the blog site this week, but this week’s assignment for Unit 6 was a little rough.  I didn’t have all the reports that I needs at my fingertips, but I did have a few of the tips in my head from when my dad had his cerebral vascular accident.  I also have many doctors and nurses all around me that have been very helpful answering my question for me.  I was fortunate that I saved many of my papers that I printed off before my computer crashed, so I do have a few of the forms to go with along with my library book that I have been holding onto like gold.  I will deal with what I have and I’ll do fine.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tired or Exhausted

I know we are to be writing about our Unit 6 outline, but I have been to exhausted taking care of my mother in law and traveling back and forth from PA to NY and back.I don't know if I'm tired or exhausted.  Heck I'm not sure what day it is half the time.  I am doing all I can to take care of her at night and sometimes into the days.  She needs all the support and assistantance right now, but I need to concentate as best as I can on my school work.  Trying to keep my eyes open long enought to comprehend is becoming a challange.  I will make it though........

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dealing with family illness

Hi everyone,
I am writing what I am dealing with this past week. I received a call from my father in law on Monday afternoon that my mother in law was taken to the hospital. She is on a ventilator, she collapsed and she was given all sorts of tests.  We have come to find out that she was diagnosed last year with COPD and heart disease , but never told us she was sick, she didn't want us to worry about her.  My mother in law has been smoking heavy for over 50 years, and her mother died of lung cancer due to her smoking.  I would have figured that after seeing her mother so ill for 7 years, that she would stop smoking.  Instead she continued her 2 packs per day.  She has now been diagnosed with advanced stages of Pulmonary Emphysema.  Seeing her on a ventilator was so hard for me and my husband.  I'm hoping that my daughters will stop smoking now that they have seen how bad their grandmother is suffering.  I can't tell my daughters what to do, they are adults, but I make sure all the time how I don't want them smoking around my grandchildren. It's not fair to them to have their lungs ruined because of second hand smoke.

My mother in law is holding her own, but we have been told that she is in respiratory failure. All we can do for her is make her comfortable, and spend a much time as we can with her till the end.  I don't think she realized how it hurt  us that she would hide this from us all this time.  She has had rapid weight loss over the last 9 months, she stated that it was due to stress. I new that she had a severe deep cough, and she was becoming more winded just walking short distances.

I had to experience my dad struggling with his stroke for 7 years, but then be stricken with pancreatic cancer and pass away after 3 weeks from his diagnosis, but suffered terribly the entire time. I was just proud that I was able to spend almost the entire time with my dad, and made even a closer bond with him. We spoke our deepest thoughts, his fears and how proud he was of me and he loved me very much. There were 7 kids in our family, but me and my twin brother were his sidekick when he was home. My twin brother and I were at our dad's side when he passed away. I am hoping that he understood that when I told him it was alright to let go that mom would be fine, he new that I said it out of love for him.  I just couldn't stand to see him suffering anymore.

I know this is going to be the same situation, but she is my mother in law and not my dad, but we were still close.  I'm happy to be able to be there for her, my father in law and my husband during her last days.  My husband was on deployment at the time my dad passed away.  He wasn't granted leave to come home until he passed away.  I never felt to alone during those 3 weeks.