Thursday, November 25, 2010

Overall of of College comp II

      I like peer reviews because we all have a different aspect and outlook on things.  We all see thing things in black and white, but to use we could see color in different shades.  If we all had the exact and home, every home would be be decorated and furnished differently.  It's the same way with the way we think,  and talk and process things. 
      When I chose the topic of Cerebral Vascular Accidents it was due to my dad having one 9 years ago and then passing away from cancer suddenly.  I studied up on the subject after my dad came out of rehabilitation, I wanted to know if there was any new research being done that may help him regain any new straight that the rehab center may have not been up on.  I didn't come up with anything.  All we could do was tend to his care and keep is left side moving and get him up and walking on his strong left side.  My blogs that I received we uplifting and I was nice to know how much support there is out there is the virtual world, it was greatly appreciated. And my heart went out to the one's that had lost loved one's so close to their heart. I really do wish them the best. 

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