Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Unit 10

Hi everyone,
Wow, This year has gone by so fast.  This semester has also flown by too. I hope everyone is happy with their papers.  I am just trying to get through the holdiays without crying.  Not having all my family together.  I remember the old days as a child, the Christmas eve candle light church service the whole family attended they off to my uncle house for food and fun.  Then Christmas morning we all got one toy, one set of clothes and a stocking.  It was get, a big family dinner,  7 children, my parents, grandmother, and aunt and uncles.  As we all got married the family tree got many leaves, we had to add a  whole forest to it there are so many of us.  37 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren.  We lost my dad and my grandmother.  We never had any other grandparents they had passed away way before we all came along.  Now everyone comes and goes and there are no Christmas eve party at my uncles home.  I still attend church service on Christmas eve.  I miss the BIG get togethers,the small gifts, everything is commercialized.  I still follow the tradition with my daughters and now with my grandchildren.  I see my children following my tradition with their children too. At least I can see a little tradition still staying the same.  Why does the meaning of Christmas have to be about giving all at once, why can't it be all year around?

Have a save and happy holiday

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  1. Tara - this is a lovely post! I wish we still had one toy, one set of clothes and a stocking!! Sounds great to me.