Friday, December 10, 2010

Unit #8 blog CM229-10

I'm so confused on this blog today,  I thought I had everything done, but then I found that I missed something. My limited access on this computer is driving me nuts. On top of things when I try to get into class I can't get past the second screen and the screen freezes.  Only in the class for the last week and a half.So it did it again to me so I can't go in to find out what my option is for sem opt2.  I can't print from the computers at the hospital and I won't have time to wait for the writing center so I have to wing my report and hope that it's done right. I really worked hard on this and I don't have the energy in me to put one foot any farther this weekend.  I had the flu for four days over last week, then we were hit with the snow storm and I was stuck at the hospital so I worked on my report in between taking care of my mother in law in between being sick, yeah.  I was very thankful that she didn' get sick.  I have been wearing  a mask and hand washing is  must............
Thanks for letting me vest..LOL

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